B.TOP Partners with Matrixport to Accept USDT Payments from International Users of Its ‘Joint Mining’ Platform

International users of the world’s first ‘joint mining’ platform B.TOP can now purchase at-cost mining machines on the platform and start mining, all using the stablecoin USDT

Shanghai, September 21, 2020B.TOP announced today that it has partnered with Matrixport to accept Tether (USDT) payments on its website, which is the first-of-its-kind ‘joint mining’ platform for netizens around the world. As a result of this partnership, USDT payments from B.TOP users would be collected and custodied for B.TOP by Matrixport’s enterprise-grade ‘Cactus Custody’.

New users of B.TOP would now also have the option to pay in Tether (USDT) in addition to the previous Bitcoin (BTC) payment option. This gives users a new workaround when either of the two payment options has higher network congestion or transaction fees. Furthermore, paying with a stablecoin such as USDT isolates users from the volatility, and thus worries, of BTC’s exchange rate.

Netizens around the world who would like to participate in bitcoin mining without the risks and uncertainties that are associated with purchasing and managing mining machines themselves, can do so using B.TOP’s one-stop ‘joint mining’ solution. B.TOP does not charge any fees from its users until they break-even, after which they automatically enter into a revenue sharing arrangement with B.TOP. This reduces the risks and uncertainties that are associated with cloud mining products.

“This partnership with Matrixport is another step in our efforts to make it easier for everyone everywhere to participate in bitcoin mining,” said Mr. Jiang Zhuoer, the founder and CEO of B.TOP. “Netizens everywhere now have the option of paying with a stablecoin to participate in what is likely the most cost-effective and easiest way for people to mine Bitcoin without themselves purchasing or operating mining machines.”

Matrixport’s ‘Cactus Custody’ product originated from Bitmain’s proprietary custodian solution in 2017 and further evolved into a third party qualified custodian in 2019. It aims to provide a secure, transparent and efficient custodian solution to institutional businesses and investors in a new digital economy. Using cutting-edge security systems and infrastructure, Cactus Custody continuously safeguards over $500million worth of digital assets for mining clients and financial institutions.

“We look forward to turning our long relationship with the B.TOP team into a formal partnership by collecting digital assets on behalf of B.TOP and securing them with the highest industry standards,” said Ms. Cynthia Wu, Head of Business Development and Sales at Matrixport.

About B.TOP: B.TOP, the world’s first joint mining platform, lowers the entry barrier to cryptocurrency mining for anybody anywhere in the world by providing a one-stop solution for enthusiasts and professionals, both retail and institutional, to mine cryptocurrencies from the comfort of their homes or offices. B.TOP purchases the mining machines from the manufacturers, installs them in its industrial scale data centers across China, maintains some of the highest uptimes and charges no extra fee from its users until they have broken even. B.TOP is a wholly owned subsidiary of BTC.TOP.

About BTC.TOP: BTC.TOP is a leading cryptocurrency mining pool founded in January 2014. Established by a group of blockchain enthusiasts with IT background from top universities in China, BTC.TOP has remained a top-ten bitcoin mining pool for years. BTC.TOP also mines bitcoin on an industrial scale, running more than 200,000 mining machines, with mining farms operations in Sichuan, Xinjiang, Yunnan and Inner Mongolia.

About Matrixport: Founded in February 2019, Matrixport is the gateway to the digital economy where you can trade, custody, invest and borrow crypto assets all in one stop. With rich industry resources and leading technology capabilities, Matrixport aims to create the next generation digital financial service platform. Our vision is to enable a more open and equal financial system using blockchain technologies.

About Cactus Custody: Originating from Bitmain’s proprietary custodian solution in 2017, Matrixport offers Cactus Custody, an evolved version, to safeguard assets for the industry. Cactus Custody is a qualified custodian and a Hong Kong trust company that meets the capital reserve requirement and acts within regulatory and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) guidelines.We provide services to the world’s largest and most renowned mining company, mining pools, cloud mining platforms, exchanges, funds and OTC dealers, supporting our clients to grow and scale in a secure way.

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