BTC or ETH, which is more likely to be wiped out by the US government? (Part A)

In terms of the nodes, BTC has nodes all over the world, and various nodes were set up long ago (including nodes in Darknets and satellite). As for ETH nodes, the ETH ledger is huge and cannot be deployed by the general public, so only a few complete nodes are available. Therefore, you can only send transactions using infura’s services, but infura is a centralized company that takes orders from the US government. Therefore, this potential risk can not be ignored in a chaotic world.

Many don’t know the power of the iron fist, they are obviously newbies, and dare to talk to me that the POS is the future. The Iron Fist is only dealing with Bitcoin hashpower now, it doesn’t even bother to attack the ETH, do you think ETH can hold this kind of strike? Only a handful of nodes store the huge ETH ledger with storage up to TB level, which are so vulnerable. If you don’t believe me, ask scientists whether they are not using infura, the ETH network services will be immediately paralysed if the infura data access port is blocked, not to mention the direct blocking of Amazon and Alibaba cloud services.

Be thankful, if there is no Bitcoin in front of the Iron Fist, ETH will be destroyed in minutes!

— Microblog:@TumbleBit

Table of Contents

First, Real block data size of BTC and ETH:

@TumbleBit The above mentioned people pretend having not read the Bitcoin white paper and they are clearly lying through their teeth for ulterior motives.

. Node pruning mode

The problem of accumulating historical data on the blockchain was taken into consideration in the design of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto. The solution is described in the Chapter 7 of the White Paper — Reusing Disk Space, in other words, it deletes historical transactions (or keeps the most recent data) and keeps only the latest transaction state (the users’ information and their coin balance ).

. Size of full node and light node

One BTC full node currently has456GB, while the light mode only requires 2 GB of storage after using pruned mode. The same is true for ETH , where a full node has 345GB of data storage, while light node only needs 6GB.

. ETH’s Archive Node

The ETH block data has some TB of storage, where did that come from? ETH block’s original data only has 345G of storage, but if you want to run a query of the entire historical status, you need to run the 345G of data from the beginning to the end , you have to store all the intermediate statuses, (such as a block height, the balance, the contract state, etc.,) You will get several TB of data this way, this type of node is called an archive node .

. ETH BTC node hardware requirements and quantity comparison

ETH contains 345 GB of block data, but the wallets also generate indexes, caches, snapshots and other files when running.

Ⅴ.Infura’s centralization problem

You personally run a BTC full node, if you want to check the transaction, will you open the console command line to check? Obviously not, regular people are checking on the browser.

Second, the crackdown measures that U.S. Government may use on cryptocurrencies: technical categories:

All crackdown measures have impact, but the magnitude of the impact varies, so the next part will focus on how cryptocurrencies can be completely eliminated.

. Blocking network data transmission

At present, the transaction broadcast, block data, and miners’ mining data of BTC, ETH and other coins’ are all in plain text, which can be easily detected and intercepted from the Internet backbone nodes, but in the technical world, encryption is much simpler than decryption, therefore, this measure has the weakest impact on crypto. I will not elaborate this issue as it has just occurred at a large scale.

. Seizure of nodes

By locating the physical location of the nodes through the node’s IP, the authorities can ask the domestic nodes to turn off and blacklist foreign nodes, the downside of this measure is the high cost of law enforcement as there are tens of thousands of nodes. The foreign nodes can keep changing IP, making the interception impossible, and when necessary, the community can be mobilized to create hundreds of thousands of new light nodes, it is impossible to stop the network from running by taking out only the full nodes.

. 51% empty block attack

This is the most technically feasible method to completely kill one coin.Although it is expensive to buy and deploy 51% of the network hashpower, why should the U.S. government buy it? Under the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, when national security is jeopardized (e.g., funding an enemy nation, undermining the status of the U.S. dollar), all that is required is a few days of expropriation and a few days of payment for electricity.

. More secure POS mining

POW mining = mining with the hashpower of the mining machine, who has more hashpower, who packs the transactions in the blocks.

. Attacking developers

Attacking developers doesn’t make any sense, ETH development is indeed currently led by Vitalik, but Vitalik can’t hurt the interests of the community, can Vitalik order the ETH network to stop at his command?Is it possible to confiscate and freeze users’ ETH?

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