BTC or ETH, which is more likely to be wiped out by the US government? (Part A)

In terms of the nodes, BTC has nodes all over the world, and various nodes were set up long ago (including nodes in Darknets and satellite). As for ETH nodes, the ETH ledger is huge and cannot be deployed by the general public, so only a few complete nodes are available. Therefore, you can only send transactions using infura’s services, but infura is a centralized company that takes orders from the US government. Therefore, this potential risk can not be ignored in a chaotic world.

Many don’t know the power of the iron fist, they are obviously newbies, and dare to talk to me that the POS is the future. The Iron Fist is only dealing with Bitcoin hashpower now, it doesn’t even bother to attack the ETH, do you think ETH can hold this kind of strike? Only a handful of nodes store the huge ETH ledger with storage up to TB level, which are so vulnerable. If you don’t believe me, ask scientists whether they are not using infura, the ETH network services will be immediately paralysed if the infura data access port is blocked, not to mention the direct blocking of Amazon and Alibaba cloud services.

Be thankful, if there is no Bitcoin in front of the Iron Fist, ETH will be destroyed in minutes!

— Microblog:@TumbleBit

First, Real block data size of BTC and ETH:

January 1: Bob sends 1ETH to Alice

February 1: Bob sends 2ETH to Alice

March 1: Bob sends 3ETH to Alice

Alice has 1 ETH on January 1, 00:00

January 1, 00: 13: 1ETH

January 1, 00: 26: 1ETH


(every 13 seconds a block a record, repeat records have compression)


February 1, 00:00: 3ETH


With a huge TB-size ledger, ETH is vulnerable to attacks and bans because there are only a few nodes in the entire ETH network.

You can ask the scientists if they are using the infura, if the infura data access port is blocked, will the ETH network services be immediately paralyzed?

Wallet size: BTC 456GB, ETH
578GB, Number of nodes: BTC 15013, ETH 6369

Second, the crackdown measures that U.S. Government may use on cryptocurrencies: technical categories:



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