ETH’s potential merger would coincide the end of falling trend of the global crypto market.

The ETH developers said that the Ethereum’s merge is projected to take place for September. However, it is common for such large software development projects to end up being delayed, and there are still a large number of ETH applications that have not yet begun testing. As a result, let’s give it two or three more months, this is also the final date that the block times become unbearable extended by the difficulty bomb. It is highly likely that the merger will occur in November to December, which fits the convention of the end of the market plummet at the end of the year (the previous bear markets 2014 and 2018 all saw a falling stop by the end of the year). ETH as the leader would start the next round of bull market.

Three major encouraging news in the funding side post the Ethereum 2.0.

1. Ethereum will reduce its issuance by 90%, imagine that one BTC halving will bring a round of bull market, and 90% reduction equals to 3 times BTC halving.

2. After the merge, it is expected that the staked ETH would increase from the current 10% to 30% of the total supply (according to other POS token practice), there would be more ETH staked and locked.

3. Together with the EIP-1559 burning scheme, the real inflation rate of Ethereum will drop from the positive 2.0% to negative 1.8% [Figure 2], starting an unprecedented era of burning and deflation in the cryptocurrency world.

Ethereum’s value is up 61.4% from its lowest point ($882 to $1423), especially today’s violent pull-up caused a $120 million liquidation in short orders, and we have reached the turning point that three consecutive positive candles changed investors’ beliefs.
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