Just as the upward multiple gets smaller with each cycle, the crypto winter will become warmer and last shorter

I want to make a prediction again: just as the upward multiple gets smaller with each cycle, the crypto winter will become warmer and last shorter.

After the bear market lasted for a whole year in 2014, BTC bottomed at $200 for the whole year 2015. The market and industry were so cold, I was so boring that I finished writing a long (60,000 words> popular science article <What is Bitcoin?> (Link: WhatisBTC.com). After that, the bull market started.

In 2018, after the bear market lasted for a whole year, many people predicted that the history would repeat the scenario in 2015, the market would go sideway at the bottom for another year.

But it turned out to be a warm winter. The bottom of 2019 only lasted for three and a half months. There were many activities and inventions emerged that year. Later, on August 2, 2019, the bull run began. BTC rose from $3,100 to $14,000, almost surpassing the ATH $19,800 in 2017, leaving far behind those who kept waiting.

So this year’s bear run is more likely a warmer winter than 2019. Those who wait for cold bear run are destined to miss the upcoming opportunity.

This round of $40k down to $20k phase is equivalent to the bottom finding phase in 2018, when the price went down from $6000 to $3000. Then the market would go sideways for 3~6 months at the bottom, then after the ETH 2.0 merge, the Ethereum will reduce its issuance by 90%, in addition to its coin burning deflation, ETH would start a new bull market following the perfect script.

What does that mean a 90% reduction in ETH issuance?

It is equivalent to 3 times BTC halving.

How much will BTC go up each time after its halving?

========@CryptoChan’s [Big Bottom Series] =========

【Figure 1】Bitcoin 200-week moving average (purple line) is one of the first of metrics that show the Bitcoin global bottom.

【Figure 2】2-week RSI: Currently this indicator has officially touched the lower band, one of the second batch of indicators showing the global bottom.

I will update other bottom indicators once they show signal of recovery, so stay tuned.

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