Opportunities and challenges for mining machine manufacturers amid the BTC halving

BTC Halves every 4 years (source: https://coinmixed.eu/bitcoin-halving/)

#1 How do mining machine manufactures see this BTC halving?

The BTC halving is a cyclical event which occurs every 4 years. In my personal opinion, this halving is a bad news for BTC miners. It is understood that most people wait and see this halving. Few people is basically inclined to make major investment decisions before halving. The main reason behind is that it is difficult to estimate accurately the volatility of the price and of the entire network’s hashpower.

#2 How the mining machine is priced and when is the good time to buy them?

There are a producation price and circulating price for mining machines.

For a new mining machine, it may take 3 to 4 months to complete the casting to the finished product cycle, while in the crypto currency world, a conversion of bulls and bears market may take the same period.

Therefore, a sharp increase in BTC price will lead to a short supply of machines and this shortage will be translated to a premium in pricing. This might be the important reason for the financial attribute of the mining machines, which is clearly evidenced in their circulation.

#3 Future mining landscape

In the early stage, there were only a small number of geeks who participated in the mining business, not to mention the few BTC’s circulation and distribution channels, I think everyone knows the classic story of buying 2 pizzas with 10,000 BTC. As the industry develops, more and more business units have been created, the industry is becoming more and more subdivided, for example, exchanges have begun to enter the mining industry, mining machine manufacturers have started business in financial service platforms, mining pools acquired crypto wallet, etc.



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