We’re experiencing an atypical Bitcoin bull run

  • It’s easy to distinguish between bulls and bears. Each run lasted for a long time and Bitcoin price just kept rising or decreasing(there were 40% short-term decline during the bull run).
  • Every four years a great cycle will take place, corresponding to the Bitcoin Halving cycle, especially in 2017, the bull trend perfectly resembled that of the bull run in the second half of 2013, allowing a large number of investors to become super rich. That constitutes the fundamental basis of Moving Average 120/ 200 day bear/ bull division line theory.

The current atypical bull run

This bull run is a little atypical than previous ones. Although a Bitcoin halving is always followed by a raging bull run, we saw some differences:

  • The small bull run in 2019 might be caused by Plustoken case;
  • The brutal sell-off on March 12, 2020 might be triggered by excessive financial derivatives;
  • The large buy-in by institutional investors like Greyscale and Tesla has led to no correction between $10,000 and $65,000.

Given that there’s no more exact replication of experience, what else is eternal? Only mathematical laws. It requires few hypothesis, for example, the 60-day accumulated increasing rate.

We believe that BTC bull run resulted from large amounts of new investors and new capital-inflow. This assumption is still valid in this bull run as both institutional funds and plenty of retail investors in animal coins acted almost the same as the last bull run.

60 Days Price Accumulated Increasing Rate



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