What are the “Rejected Shares” in crypto mining?

So what are those Rejected Shares?

Screenshot of mining platform: B.TOP

How to avoid Rejected Shares

  • Using a correct and updated software, double check your algorithm, sometimes miners confuse the algorithms for different cryptos. For example, if you are mining LTC by using ETH algorithm, you’ll get tons of rejected shares;
  • Set your hardware configuration, if you’re using GPU mining, and your GPU core memory clocks very high or your power limit is too low, the hardware is having problem computing the correct hash;
  • Use reliable internet connection. If one specific mining machine shows a high rejected rate, try to replace internet cable, change router or switch interface, and keep an eye on the temperature of the machine for abnormalities. If you detect a high rejected rate in all the machines, try to check all the internet equipment such as broadband, routers or switches, in addition, check the internet condition of the mining facility. In China’s mining facilities, owners usually subscribe two telecom operators as part of contigency plan.



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