Will this run reach all time high by the end of 2021 by historical experience?

Ⅰ.The price of Bitcoin is considered to go sideways when fluctuating around 50%.

The current situation has been predicted in the following two articles posted before:

Ⅱ.Will BTC reach all time high(ATH) by the end of 2021?

This topic is worth talking about. I previously predicted that the ATH might take pace on January 23, 2022(the chart blow)

Ⅲ. Unbeatable MMT in the short term

Why the shameless Modern Monetary System(MMT) has been popular among nations? Because it is unbeatable in the short term.

But John-Maynard-Keynes said: In the long run we are all dead.

The governments of democratic countries, especially the administration of Trump signing the US turned to a General Democratic System from Elitist Democracy, make the endless money printing of MMT a perfect logical cycle.

Ⅳ.Investment Strategies in two senarios

V. The 4-year cycle no longer exists

Someone may say, it is not unusual to see a 100X coin, even 1000x coin in the crypto-currency world. What’s so rare about your 100-fold return?

VI. Don’t do the band trading

It is extremely difficult to use the bands to trade, it’s relatively easy to buy at the bottom as the bottom is flat and will last for a while, while the top is sharp and momentary, plus a reversal at most.

VII. Never sell your coins

The improvement of infrastructure such as Defi has made it possible to borrow and never sell coins, in perpetuity.

VIII. High virtual market cap due to never selling

Smart people may realize that if holders never sell the coins, that would result in an unimaginable super high virtual market value.

IX. Further increase 1000x ETH

BTC has reached its peak from the long term prospective.



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